• You're putting yourself out there online, but barely getting any followers in return?
  • You feel overwhelmed by hashtags and have no idea where to begin to pick good ones?
  • You're slapping on a dusty, crusty old hashtag list that has been on your phone for ages?
  • Maybe you're ripping lists from your competition only to WHOOPS, have your post fail in epic porportions?
  • You find yourself using the same list over and over again because well, what else are you supposed to do?
  • You're confused over when, where and HOW to find the best hashtags for each post
  • You hold your breath when you hit "publish" because you have NO idea how your list is going to do
  • You know you're not being strategic and just throwing out there....it doesn't matter, right? 

You have the power to infiltrate Instagram, summonning followers like the Pied Piper. And it all begins with hashtags.

Finally! Where Do I Buy?
  • Selecting hashtags with almost freakish accuracy - no more panic!
  • Creating hashtags lists for massive exposure #nodudshere
  • Forming a library of lists that brings you hoards of loyal followers that have been DREAMING of finding you on Instagram
  • Your numbers? They're going up my friend!
  • Your stress about hashtags? Bye bye!

My Step-by-Step, PROVEN Process to Help You Double Your Hashtag Impressions, helping you reach thousands of new loyal fans and customers.

  • Successfully Analyzing Your Content
  • Picking Perfect Hashtags
  • Crafting Amazing Hashtag Lists For Your Content Pillars
  • Launching and Nurturing Your Posts Like a Pro
  • Analyzing Hashtag Performance
  • De-Bunking Myths

Content Analysis

The process of truly understanding your content, what is in the picture and WHO needs to be seeing this in order to connect with your account.


Learn my secret technique for identifying and developing a hashtag list solely using the Instagram app.

Launch Strategy 

What to do before, during and after you post for maximum success.

Performance Analysis

Understanding analytics, behavior and patterns in order to refine your hashtags lists each and every week.

-15 in-depth step-by-step instructional videos so that you can become a hashtag guru

-Worksheets designed to help you master each concept until you feel #confident

-Access to a list of over 1,000 curated hashtags broken out by category to use in a pinch

-Watch me curate my hashtag lists in real time so you can see EXACTLY how I do it!

-Tips on managing your hashtag lists so this process is easy, replicable and DELIVERS RESULTS

-The Golden Ticket spreadsheet full of plug and play formulas to track your performance.

Bye Bye Winging It!

I'm calling you out: you don’t have a strategy. It’s as simple as that. Instead, you just wing it each time you post, hoping you'll gain some traction. But it’s time to stop “crossing your fingers”. You won't gain hoards of followers and hundreds of "likes" this way, I promise you! 

What you’re doing will leave you feeling deflated, stagnant and in a major rut. It will suck the fun out of Instagram because all your fun content? No one is seeing it! Your funny videos? Only liked by your mom. 

I know you want more, to feel clear and confident. It's time you have a strategy and a proven system that WORKS! 

This mini course will teach you my EXACT, PROVEN workflow that I use every single day to regularly achieve over 1,000 impressions per post.

I get it, you're spending SO MUCH TIME crafting awesome content that curating hashtags seems, well, like an afterthought when really this is the most IMPORTANT hack for growth.

Let Me Explain

There are two ways for hashtags to be used: To help you "get" followers and for you to "find" followers and most people? Well, they're only using them for one of these purposes. 

But not you, you're smarter than that!

You're going to be empowered AF with the secret strategies that have helped me get 1,000 hashtag impressions per post, an audience that "gets" me and a client list a mile long. Wouldn't that be nice?