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Being you never looked SO good! 

Join my Illuminate and Elevate 5 Module Course

Personal branding is what sets you apart from the noise, the saturation and the CLUTTER on Instagram.

It can be the fast track to becoming viewed as a leader in your niche, the expert everyone goes to.

It can be that magical X factor that magnetizes your ideal audience to your IG, propelling your account and brand into a new atmosphere.

If you do it right...


Just Imagine...

  • ‚ÄčRefining a personal brand you're PROUD of, but also helps you stand out to high paying brands and partnerships
  • Having an enviable audience of loyal humans that share, support and eat up your content because you speak so CLEARLY to them
  • Positioning yourself as the go-to guru, thought leader and influencer you want to be, through trust and authenticity 
  • Having a feed that comes effortlessly and screams your personal brand to those that find you
  • Having an undeniable IDENTITY that makes your "plain as toast" competition scrambling to figure out how you blew up online 

So, what's in the course?

I'm glad you asked...

5 modules. 5 lessons. 5 steps to create a memorable Personal Brand.


Brand Foundational Basics

If your brand were a person, let's make em a ROCKSTAR! In this module, we'll uncover and illuminate what makes you, YOU! By defining and refining the traits and skills that make you a total badass, you'll build a foundational brand base with massive clarity and a powerful mission statement.

This will include:

  • Niching down for ultimate brand clarity
  • My step-by-step process for brand self-discovery
  • Utilizing the Prism Method to uncover your brand pillars
  • Developing and uncovering your core message
  • Refining your elevator pitch

In order to become visible on Instagram, you first need to become identifiable with a thoughtfully crafted brand identity that would make Tezza jealous! Recognizable colors, phrases and hashtags are the reason "Just Do It" is a thing and "Just Maybe It" ain't. Nailing those identifiable traits so people can easily say, "oh yeah! I know them!" is the key to your IG cred.

This will include:

  • Crafting your unique brand colors so you can blaze across the internet like the rainbow you are!
  • Develop catch phrases, talk tracks and identifiable traits that will have people talking about you (in all the right ways of course)
  • Creating custom photo edits to reflect your vibe
  • Nailing down your brand imagery by creating graphics and a logo in Canva with your colors


Brand Architecture Bootcamp



The secret to writing copy that connects and converts with your audience? Knowing your ideal audience/client better than they know themselves. What they WANT from you, what they NEED from you and what they DESIRE for themselves. This is the GOLDEN TICKET to building trust, loyalty and intention on your feed.

This will include:

  • Your ideal client avatar (Is Jenny a latte or vodka kinda gal?)
  • Steal my copywriting formulas that make people stop the scroll and FINALLY comment 
  • Get 30 stealable story prompts that will take you from "what in the heck do I say?!?" to more DM's than you've ever had
  • Learn my IG story hacks for staying on brand, and building MASSIVE trust 
  • A juicy content strategy that will have your competition trying to hack your Planoly account

Let's get you started with game-winning confidence and an infallible mindset, because afterall, confidence breeds visibility. If you don't believe that you are capable of becoming a leader in your industry, then you WON'T. And if your mindset is in the gutter? We need to fix that right away.

This will include:

  • Mindset mastery and throwing self-doubt in the trash
  • Adopting an abundant mindset and inviting success
  • Swipe my blueprint for daily Instagram activities that will get you popping up on radars quicker than the Fast and the Furious 27
  • My guide to confidence on video
  • Networking tips for powerful connections


Becoming a Badass Brand


Personal Branding Beyond IG

Instagram is one of the easiest places to field-test your refreshed brand. In the final Module, I'll give you some guidance for rolling out what you've created on Facebook, Linkedin, your blog and any other platform you use.

This will include:

  • My quick guide to Facebook for Personal Brands
  • The future: LinkedIn basics to assert your expertise and business connections
  • Branding and blogging 101

Pay in Full $297

48-Hour Fast Action Bonuses


Bonus #1 - One 30 Min SOS Session with Dre to clear up any questions, ask for advice or talk about Cheetos

Bonus #2 - Access to an EXCLUSIVE curated conversation with Mega Personal Brand, ChocolateIsMyVice. Learn how she grew a strong and profitable brand that has skyrocketed her account online. She'll give you tips, the tea and the secrets to making $$$ being you.

Are you ready to Illuminate and Elevate?

I can't wait to help you refine your brand 2020 and beyond. 

What You'll Get:


  • My PROVEN strategies that will help you go from WHO? to YOU! 
  • Lifetime access to the course 
  • Associated worksheets that will guide you through the process
  • Bonus: One guest training video with ChocolateIsMyVice
  • Bonus: One 30-min SOS Call with Dre

  • Do I get access to Dre? 

Only if you purchase before 9/28

  • How long do I get access to the course?


  • Is this good for beginners?

Yes! Its great for all levels


I'm Dre, and branding? Well, it's kinda my "thing"

Why am I so passionate about Personal Branding? Because I've seen the POWER of stepping into your authority, sharing your message with honesty and knowing exactly who you are. In fact, it was the key that helped me grow my online business to consistent 5-figure months in under one year of being on IG.

I want you to succeed in staking your claim to a piece of the Instagram landscape and truly Illuminate and Elevate your confidence spirit and overall brand to new height that you've ever dreamed of.